Friday, July 23, 2010

You can only choose one...What do you chose?

Here are the competitors...

All longtime favorites of Ocean City.

The first...announcing, Thrasher's Fries.

If you’re going to try any food at the boardwalk, you have to try some of Thrasher’s fries. They’re located near the beginning of boardwalk (Don’t worry, you’ll see a long line for them). Thrashers has been making French fries since 1929, and wow, do they know how to make fries! What makes the fries so great is a secret that the creator of Thrasher’s does not want to divulge, and for good reason. What he has told us is that the potatoes typically come right from Idaho, and that they are sliced at their location. You get thrasher’s fries in a huge tub. Some locals get them in a box. Looking at the huge tub filled with thrashers fries, you might ask yourself how anyone could eat them, but minutes later, you won’t be surprised you did!

The second...announcing, Fisher's Popcorn.

Yet more delicious food! If you’re a lover of popcorn, this one is for you, or if you don’t know how anyone could eat a whole tub of popcorn in one sitting, try Fisher’s Popcorn, which has been serving Ocean City since 1937 and is now world famous. The popcorn is made in copper kettles and poured out fresh and hot into a tub that can be kept and used after you’re done gorging yourself to get more at a lower price. You can find a location at the boardwalk and at Talbot Street. Try some popcorn that will melt in your mouth! Hundreds of people are ordering online, but now you can get it fresh from the kettle at Ocean City!

The third...Dumser's Dairyland Ice Cream.

Yet another OC staple is Dumser's Ice Cream. You can find it right at the boardwalk too.

Dumser's started back in 1939, yet another old time favorite that has survived countless years and countless competitors. The ice cream is delicious, with tons of flavors to chose from. It's home made ice cream that's made fresh. That's right, home made. A lot of people are saying they are serving the best home made traditional ice cream, and with a ton of unique flavors and combinations.

Write a comment below on what your favorite is, and we'll tally up the votes to see what wins. Or if you have a suggestion for the next competition post below.


  1. Dumser's, definitely. Thrasher's is a little overrated to me (yes, I said it!).

  2. I went to Thrasher's with a friend (?) once and she made a huge stink when she couldn't get any ketchup. We are no longer in touch. But I'd have to go with Dumser's...I could use a milkshake in this heat!

  3. Wow, kind of surprised that so many are voting for Dumser's when I thought it would be the underdog.

    Might it have anything to do with the heat?

    Historic Traveler, I actually made a stink about Thrasher's when I didn't get ketchup. Didn't even realize what I was putting on it (the apple vinegar), but after eating one fry, I didn't complain.