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Trimper's Haunted House at the Boardwalk

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A favorite of locals and tourists alike is the haunted ride located at Trimper’s Rides. Expanding ever since it was built, the ride begins with passengers sitting in a wooden “coffin”. The ride features some old fashioned frights along with some more modern ones. It has been visited by hundreds of dark ride enthusiasts from around the world.

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Many remember taking a ride on Trimper's Haunted House in Ocean City, clutching their lover's hand, closing their eyes as they drive past one of the many frights in their coffin seat, but what they might not realize as they're holding on for dear life is how much history the place has.

The Haunted House has actually been running since 1964. Think about all of the generations that have passed through the doors, taking that long climb up the haunted house's spinning tunnel, thinking that they would be pulled inside and never to return.

The tunnel is actually an optical illusion created by Bill Tracy, the mastermind behind many "dark rides". Someone who these dark ride enthusiasts would call a genius of the craft.

Billy Tracy, before there was computer screens, or graphics, or even computer programs to create these intricate illusions of architecture, created these works into reality from only one thing, his mind.

Just think about how the spinning tunnel works in the ride. It works by having an identical replica of the cart your in on the opposite end. The replica spins in sync with the tunnel spinning around you, while other objects in the room such as the spinning grade spins with that.

That gives the illusion that you're being sucked into what seems like Hell. But you might as well just be going up stairs.

Been on the ride recently? Or remember it from years past?

What's your favorite part? Could it be the man in the electric chair? Many people say that they couldn't watch that part...they had to close their eyes. In fact, the owners had to replace him because he shook so violently that the prop's skin fell off!

The haunted ride is filled with tons of home made haunted gags. Each one seems like it would have taken hundreds of hours to produce.

But here they stand, an amazing accomplishment that thousands of people still go to see.

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