Friday, August 27, 2010

Bootlegged Merchandise At the Boardwalk Crackdown?

     Reports are coming in that boardwalk shops that are selling bootlegged goods are getting caught, and being penalized. Many are being forced to leave the area after companies have caught them selling fake goods. More than you think...13 Boardwalk stores have been filed suit by Coach Inc recently, and there are more stores out there that are selling fake goods that have not been caught yet.

     This comes after a long string of police crackdowns on Ocean City. Such enforcement has recently been on saliva (a once legal drug) that was often sold at the boardwalk. It seems that the city has been enforcing things that have seemed shady but they have allowed in the past. This comes after another law suit filed and police watch over laser pointers. A man was almost blinded on the boardwalk from a wandering laser pointer.

     To read more: Visit here.

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